Thank you for trusting me with your new tattoo!

Chances are I have wrapped your tattoo with a Recovery Derm bandage.


Please keep this bandage on your tattoo for 3-5 days if possible. If your bandage leaks within the first 24 hours, you may remove it and place a second bandage.

(I included a link to purchase Recovery below, which I prefer, or Saniderm/Tegaderm

are usually available at CVS if you're in a pinch.)

When you go to remove the bandage at any point, follow these steps:

1) Peel the corners of the bandage very slowly & gently to remove. I recommend doing this in the shower under running water to make it a little easier.

2) Wash your hands first, and then your tattoo with Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap.

3) Rinse thoroughly & pat dry with a clean paper towel. Do not use your bath towel!

When you remove the bandage after 3 days, simply wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day in the same way described above. After patting dry with the paper towel, apply a VERY thin layer of Lubriderm Lotion (a little goes a long way!)

Your tattoo may scab & peel naturally, but try to avoid picking at it as that may cause the ink to fall out. It will fully heal in about 2-3 weeks, and will continue to settle for the months following.

Things to avoid as your tattoo is healing: Bubble baths, swimming, sunbathing, rigorous exercise, basically anything that may expose your tattoo to dirty surfaces & bacteria. Be mindful that your tattoo is an open wound and must be protected until healed.