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 B O O K I N

To request an appointment, click the button below to fill out a consult form!

Here are a few things to know beforehand:

  • Due to the amount of inquiries received I may not be able to take on every project, as much as I would like to. I am currently prioritizing flash and custom work as described below, and if I feel I'm not the best fit for your project I'll do my best to refer you to another artist.

  • You can check out my Instagram to see examples of the type of work I most enjoy creating. This includes but is not limited to: american traditional imagery, spiritual / religious imagery, ornamental designs, florals, plants, feminine figures, suns / moons, nature-based imagery.

  • I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday. My weekend appointments tend to book out fastest, so weekday availability is greatly appreciated.

  • I book 2 months at a time, and will leave my requests open until all spots are full. If my spots fill up, I'll close my books temporarily and send out an email through my mailing list when they reopen (you can sign up for that below!)

  • I have a $250 minimum for appointments, and don't book for small, simple tattoos that take less than an hour (script, symbols, etc). For these tattoos, I suggest stopping by as a walk-in! Myself and the other artists at the shop take small walk-ins daily on a first come, first serve basis, and you can always contact the shop for same-day availability or any other questions.


Custom requests are FULL for October + November.

Flash appointments are ALWAYS available though :)

If you'd like to be notified when my customs reopen, click below to join my mailing list!

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