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 B O O K I N G 

To request an appointment, click the button below to fill out my tattoo form. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • I book in 3 month cycles, and you can always find my booking status below or in my Instagram bio.

  • Books will remain open as long as I have spots available.

  • I work Tuesday thru Saturday, and my Saturday appointments tend to book out a few months in advance. Therefore, weekday availability is greatly appreciated.

  • Due to myself being a one-woman rodeo, I unfortunately don't have the capacity to take on every single request received. I'm currently prioritizing flash & traditional designs in my style, and you can always find current examples of my work on my Instagram!

  • I don't book appointments for small, simple tattoos that may take an hour or less. For these tattoos, I suggest stopping by as a walk-in! We take walk-ins daily on a first come, first serve basis, and you can always contact the shop for more information :)

Booking Status:

OPEN for Jan/Feb/Mar 2023

 P R I C I N G 

Single-session tattoos are priced by the piece. A palm-sized tattoo from me typically ranges from $250-350, whereas a full hand-sized tattoo ranges from $350-500. Anything larger will be priced at about $200/hour. Please keep in mind these are rough estimates, and if there's a specific budget you're working with please let me know.

I also am cash only! If getting tattooed at my home shop, Eye Heart Tattoo, we have an ATM if needed.

Lastly, all appointments require a $100 deposit to book. You can find more information about deposits here.

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