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Is there anything I should do before my appointment?

Definitely relax the night before and focus on getting some good sleep. Take care of your body-- stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal beforehand. Sometimes clients feel like they need to shave or prepare their skin beforehand, but that's not necessary (though moisturizing and gently exfoliating regularly does make the skin easier to work with :))


Is there anything I should definitely NOT do before my appointment?
No serious tanning, no sunburning! Keep in mind that tattooing over sunburns is risky, and sunburns can take a few weeks to heal. I'd also avoid spray-tans since I have to wipe it off when I go to prepare your skin.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Definitely bring your ID, and feel free to bring snacks, a drink, and maybe headphones in case you want to listen to your own music or an audiobook. For longer sessions I like to bring my own little pillow & blanket to get nice and cozy, but that's up to you! We do keep pillows, emergency snacks, and water at the shop to help keep y'all comfortable as well.

Can I see the drawing before my appointment?

Unfortunately no-- I have so many clients to draw for each day, it just wouldn't be realistic to go back and forth with everyone. I do book extra time with every appointment though in case we need to make any small changes in person :)

Can I bring a friend with me?

Of course! I'd prefer no more than one friend though, unless I'm tattooing a group.

Do you like to chat while tattooing or no?

I'm happy either way-- it's entirely up to you! The only times I really can't talk during are when I'm tattooing areas that would be moving, such as chest/stomach.

How do you feel about numbing cream?

I don't love it, to be honest. In my experience it only lasts an hour or so, and the pain seems much harder to manage once it wears off. I also think that working through the pain adds to the experience of getting a tattoo-- I find it grounding personally. But if you're worried about pain, I find that tylenol (which doesn't affect blood clotting), meditation techniques, and distractions work much more consistently than any numbing cream. All that being said though, if you do have a numbing cream you've successfully used, I'm open to it! Just let me know beforehand when booking and we can talk about it.

Are there any medications I should not take while getting tattooed?

Blood-thinners and antibiotics are two that you want to stay away from, as they can effect the process and healing of a tattoo. If you have to be on antibiotics for whatever reason around the time of your appointment, reach out to me and we can reschedule. For any other medication, ask your doctor!

Do you take walk-ins?

I love taking walk-ins and try to fit them into my schedule as I'm able :) Feel free to swing by or call the shop anytime if you want to check our availability for the day!

Any other questions? Contact us!

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