Get a good night's rest and eat a hearty meal before your session.

Dress comfortably & make sure your clothing allows easy access to your tattoo placement.

♡ Bring a jacket or something to bundle up in. The shop can get chilly!

Feel free to bring water, juice, a small snack, etc. to your appointment.

Please bring headphones or something to distract yourself, such as a video game, show on your phone, podcast/audiobook, etc! Tattooing takes a lot of focus for me (for larger pieces I may even wear headphones myself), so I won't be able to keep a conversation the whole time.

Swing by a grocery/drug store before or after your tattoo to get aftercare.

I'll tell you this the day of the appointment as well, but if at any point during the tattoo you start to feel woozy, uncomfortable, or just need a break, please communicate that with me! I want your experience to be as cozy & chill as possible, so if there's anything you need just let me know.