p  r  i  c  i  n  g

My hourly rate is $150/hr.

If you ever want a quote ahead of time, feel free to email me anytime! Make sure to provide as much info as possible in order to get an accurate quote.

I am also cash only, so please come prepared!

d  e  p  o  s  i  t

All appointments require a $100-200 deposit.

This deposit will come off the final cost of your tattoo, and is nonrefundable.


48 hours notice is required to reschedule to honor your deposit. If you reschedule more than twice, another deposit will be required to book.


Any no-call/no-shows will forfeit your deposit.

f  l  a  s  h

Flash designs are repeatable, traditional tattoos done in a set size, typically hand sized or smaller.


You can see my available flash on my Instagram:


c  u  s  t  o  m    w  o  r  k

Artwork will be made custom for each client by me, in my traditional style, as that is what I'm most comfortable with.


Unfortunately designs can't be emailed in advance or shown before your appointment, but if you want to talk in person before your appointment I'm more than happy to schedule a consultation!

a  d  d  i  t  i  o  n  a  l  l  y

I only tattoo people age 18+ with valid ID.

COVID policies are constantly changing, so I suggest bringing a mask to your appointment just in case.


Even if we are not currently requiring masks, I'm always happy to wear one if it makes you more comfortable!