Everyone handles pain & tattoos differently, but here is a list of what I recommend doing if this is your first tattoo (or if you haven't gotten tattooed very often)!

♡ Get a good night's rest and eat a hearty breakfast.

♡ Dress comfortably & make sure your clothing allows easy access to where you're placing your tattoo (such as wearing shorts for thigh tattoos).

♡ Feel free to bring water, juice, a small snack, etc. to your appointment.

♡ Please bring headphones or something to distract yourself! I like to chat with my clients before and after the tattoo, but while I'm working I'm super focused and won't be able to keep a conversation very well.

♡ Swing by a grocery/drug store before or after your tattoo to get aftercare.


Here's a short list of what you might need:

- Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap

- Lubriderm Lotion

- Clean paper towels

- Medical tape (optional)

- Saniderm / Tegaderm (optional)

♡ I'll tell you this the day of the appointment as well, but if at any point during the tattoo you start to feel woozy, uncomfortable, or just need a break, please communicate that with me! I want your experience to be as cozy & chill as possible, so if there's anything you need just let me know.