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 P R I C I N

Single-session traditional tattoos are priced by the piece, by size, as follows:



1.5-2 hrs tattoo time



2-3 hrs tattoo time


Any larger

3-5 hrs tattoo time



Please keep in mind these are rough estimates, and if there's a specific budget you're working with please let me know. I also do have tiny pieces in my flash book that may fall under the $250 minimum price range.

I also am cash only! My home shop, Eye Heart Tattoo, has an ATM available if needed.

 D E P O S I T 

All appointments require a $100 deposit via PayPal.

Your deposit covers drawing time, preparation time, and protects me in case of a no-show. It will come off the final cost of your tattoo of course, and is nonrefundable.


In the event of a reschedule or cancellation, please give at least 48 hours notice so I can fill the spot with another client. If you reschedule last minute, or twice in a row, I reserve the right to void your deposit and require another one to re-book.​​ I also will honor a deposit for up to 6 months if you're unsure of a date to reschedule immediately, but suggest setting up a new date as soon as possible.


Any no-call/no-shows will automatically forfeit your deposit.


  • I only tattoo clients who are age 18+ with valid ID.​

  • COVID policies are always changing, and masks are currently optional.

  • Even if we are not currently requiring masks, I'm always happy to wear one if it makes you more comfortable!

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