t  a  t  t  o  o    t  i  p  s

♡ Eat a hearty meal and get a good night's rest before your session.

♡ Pick up aftercare stuff beforehand so you don't have to stop on the way home.

♡ As a reminder I am cash only, so please come prepared! My home shop, Eye Heart Tattoo, has an ATM if needed.


♡ I aim to make my tattoo sessions as cozy as possible, so if there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable please don't hesitate to ask :)

t  h  i  n  g  s    t  o    b  r  i  n  g 

♡ A jacket, in case the shop gets chilly.

♡ A snack and something to drink, especially for longer sessions.

♡ A distraction if needed (headphones, a book, video game, podcast, etc.)

♡ For longer sessions, some of my clients like bringing their own pillow, blanket, etc!